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How can you apply as an artist to an art gallery? What aspects make one’s own artistic work particularly interesting for a gallery owner? What about the preparation of a presentation and how important are theme-specific exhibitions for one’s own development? Of particular interest in all these considerations might be how exactly to formulate an approach with a gallery as an artist. These and other questions are answered by our guide „Allow me: artist, my name!“ in the IV. Edition from the year 2018.

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The gallery application for artists

For many artists, sooner or later the question of an exhibition opportunity and thus the gallery application arises. Artists do not always know how best to proceed. Our guide „Allow me: Artist, my name!“ offers assistance in preparing a first major exhibition for artists who want to do more than just show their art to friends. It’s understandable, of course, that as a newcomer to art you don’t really have a plan. For example, you don’t know what criteria a gallery or exhibition organizer will use to select you and your art. This is quite normal, because you are only at the beginning and can not yet know everything.

The right choice and a good preparation

Of course, your artwork itself is important. They should be really captivating and thought-provoking. If they make the future exhibitor curious, you have already achieved a lot. In addition to a respectable and well-written artistic resume and the right selection of artworks, a few other things are also important. Our guide to the gallery application is dedicated to the exact questions that arise when you want to present your art publicly in an exhibition. Examples are given of how you can conduct a conversation with a gallery owner so that he listens in the first place. In addition, the little guide shows in a partly quite entertaining way what can go wrong if you approach your project the wrong way.

Possibilities of professionalization

In order to prepare yourself well as an artist, you need to constantly professionalize yourself. It is by far not enough to consider your first steps as a success. Dealing with criticism properly has to be learned. In this area, too, you can draw a lot of useful information from the artist’s guide. The feedback from our readers so far has been positive throughout. And, let’s face it: for the price, you really can’t go far wrong. So go ahead and start with the guide to a really good exhibition.

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